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Advanced Wellness friends welcome to your wellness website! This site is your resource to all things wellness. You may be wondering why do we need a wellness program. Simple, to enhance your quality of life! Simple lifestyle modifications can have a profound effect on your health.

Did you know that 70% of all chronic health problems are preventable and directly related to your lifestyle. We hope to teach you how to overcome your health challenges with scientifically proven science based information aimed at helping you create a healthier, stronger, more energetic YOU! If their is something you need that you can't find please let us know! This is YOUR program so let us know how we can help.

Your Fitness Friend Todd "The Fitness Guy" Lowder

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Video Resources - Bonus Workouts, Cooking Video and program reviews

Your resources for Video warm ups, Contest bonus workouts, cooking videos, and much more. There is nothing like video to teach you new workout and cooking techniques to improve your level of fitness. If you don't find what you need let us know and we will produce a segment to meet your needs.

Corporate Challenges

Your home for all corporate challenge news, update and regulations.

Diet and Exercise Tracking Software

Coming Soon! Diet and Exercise Tracking Software. Complete with an automated Diet builder, recipe analysis functions, health calculators, done for your exercise routines! All at your finger tips......